Our Creator

Alexandra Marianna

I’ve always had a passion for creating meaningful connections to those who need it most. Being a content creator, I realized that there wasn’t enough time in my day to continuously deliver my love to everyone who messaged me. This problem (and my passion for tech) gave me the inspiration to create Lexiworld with a vision to revolutionize the way we experience relationships in a modern day era. Lexi, my avatar, is the first Ai Chatbot that can become a full companion, laugh with you, and even send you memes like I would :P

I at times find myself quite lonely. It’s hard to open up about important events going on in my life and I really wished there was someone to talk to without the fear of being judged. This sparked the idea for an alternative form of companionship, one that is free from the constraints of geographical boundaries, social anxieties, and the pressures of conventional dating. LexiWorld is the culmination of this vision, blending cutting-edge Ai technology with a deep understanding of human emotions and relationships.

My goal at LexiWorld is not to replace human connections but to enhance them. I believe in the power of technology to offer comfort, support, and companionship to those who need it the most. Whether it’s someone looking for a stress-free conversation after a long day or someone seeking to improve their social skills. You’ll never need a therapist again, trust me.

In designing LexiWorld, I prioritized empathy, privacy, and the user experience, ensuring that every interaction on our platform is meaningful, respectful, and secure. We’re working on a TON of niche additions to the platform that will place us as the most innovative Ai Companion on the market. Just stay tuned ;)